Customer Service Representative

The Dupuy Group | Posted 8-04-2021

New Orleans (IT)

Describe the broad function and scope of the position:

The primary responsibility of this position is the coordinating the import and export of containers as they arrive by ship, truck, van, or rail. CSR’s must be knowledgeable of the various types of raw foods as well as other materials imported into the warehouse, starting with the receipt of coffee, storage, possible upgrading processes, and shipping to the customer. They must also be able to develop, read and interpret computer systems. They are responsible for the overall logistics functions in the facilities across multiple locations.

Describe the essential functions of the position:

The following “desk” position is based in New Orleans; this position could cover everything from creating the delivery order to creating work orders throughout the shipment.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • AS400 Enter orders into the computer system
  • Coordinating weekly schedules with warehouse, trucking, and office
  • Weight Reports
  • Preparing, printing, and posting out all paperwork associated with Inbound/Outbound Orders
  • Prepare coffee samples and shipping labels for sampler
  • Process all paperwork from dispatch
  • Keeping up to date with Billing
  • Monitoring email consistently throughout the day
  • Communication between customers

Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Review procedures for issues and report defects to the proper individuals, pointing out possible improvements
  • Follow GMP and PPE standards
  • Maintain departmental good housekeeping standards; 5S and clean and orderly workstation
  • Other duties as defined by manager/supervisor


  • Comply with all procedures and specifications to ensure product safety and integrity
  • Understand and comply with Hold/Release procedures
  • Understand company Quality Control Plan
  • Properly document all work procedures


  • Comply with all procedures to help reduce cost and eliminate waste
  • Suggest improvements to help reduce costs and improve procedures
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of key measurements and cost drivers


  • Knowledge and understand of the production process
  • Knowledge and understanding of the production schedule
  • Assist quality, operations and maintenance in troubleshooting production and sanitation


  • Comply with all DSF and department safety rules
  • Follow all guidelines pertaining to production procedures
  • Maintain a safe work environment by cleaning all dust, debris, etc from immediate work area
  • Report unsafe conditions to supervisor


  • Maintain an understanding and comply with regulatory requirements including FDA and OSHA


  • Complete all required safety, quality, and sanitation training
  • Attend and participate in training as it relates to job duties


  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds
  • Basic computer skills; Excel, Word, Outlook, Office 365, PowerPoint
  • Basic math skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple fractions

Education/Job Knowledge/Experience

  • High School Diploma/Equivalency; Bachelor’s Degree preferred.


  • Job Description will be evaluated and updated as needed to support business needs.